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Ditch the spreadsheet.
SaaSOptics provides emerging subscription businesses an easy way to manage subscription billing, revenue recognition, and analytics.

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Subscription Billing
Easy invoice scheduling for recurring subscription billing. Optimized for B2B invoicing with complete QuickBooks integration. Support for implementation and PS invoicing.

Invoicing efficiently and on-time improves cash flow & reduces costs.
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Subscription Analytics
SaaS and Subscription metrics built right in - easily configured reports for MRR, CMRR, Cohort, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Churn, Renewal Rates, Bookings, and more.

Realtime analytics empower decision making & makes board decks a snap.
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Revenue Recognition
GAAP compliant rev rec and deferred revenue made easy. Daily rev rec, direct access to revenue schedules, revenue catch-up, period closing, unbilled AR, and more.

Proper revenue management removes risk & improves company valuation.
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QuickBooks Integration Complete out-of-the-box integration with QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online.
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Zuora Integration
Need great subscription analytics or better revenue recognition? Click and go integration provides immediate results.
salesforce subscription management
Salesforce Integration
Install our packaged app or use the simple mapping configurator to flow orders and subscription records back and forth.

The Problem

Managing a SaaS or subscription business requires financial metrics, operating metrics, and subscription intelligence you can't get from your packaged accounting or finance system. You rely on cumbersome spreadsheets for everything, including revenue & contract management. Spreadsheets are complex, error prone, & time consuming.

The Solution

SaaSOptics is the simple, cost effective way to safely track, manage, measure, subscription revenue performance, contract renewals, & performance objectives.SaaSOptics is a cloud-based financial management solution for emerging subscription B2B businesses, providing affordable, GAAP-compliant revenue recognition & reporting, invoicing, and out-of-the-box, highly optimized analytics for tracking key subscription metrics - MRR Momentum™, renewal rates, churn, customer lifetime value and dozens more. SaaSOptics brings financial maturity to emerging subscriptions business, with out-of-the-box integrations with QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Fast and Easy GAAP-Compliant Financial Reports

Finance Summary

subscription revenue recognition report

Detailed Revenues

Customer Contract Subscription Revenue Schedule

Contract Summary

Subscription Contract Deferred Revenue Balance

Deferred Revenue Waterfall

deferred revenue waterfall subscriptions

Detailed Invoices

Subscription Invoice Details

Subscription Metrics & Analytics In Seconds



MRR Momentum™


MRR Cohort


Churn & Renewals




Customer Count