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Partnership Opportunities

We believe in making financial excellence available to growing B2B subscription businesses of all sizes. SaaSOptics partners with organizations that provide outsourced advisory services and fulfill financial operations and technology consulting services for their clients, as well as venture capitalists and private equity firms addressing subscription management and analytics needs for their portfolio companies.

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We Want to Partner with You

Outsourced Financial Services, Technology Consultants and Advisors

If you're a finance or business advisor, technology consultant or systems integrator who consults on and integrates general ledgers, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other financial services applications, we want to talk to you about becoming a SaaSOptics partner. Our partners provide any of the following benefits to their clients:

Outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and fractional controller/CFO

Program and change management; systems integration and implementation

Scalable solutions for B2B organizations

Systems evaluations for business and finance purposes

Regulatory compliance, tax and audit advice

Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms

SaaSOptics partners with investment groups to bring financial excellence to the B2B SaaS businesses in your portfolio. We help you to drive adoption of subscription management and analytics technology, giving your portfolio companies standardization and integrity across key SaaS metrics and GAAP revenues.

Partnership Benefits

Like you, SaaSOptics is focused on solving challenges for an expansive and high-growth market of B2B SaaS and subscription businesses. Partnering with SaaSOptics gives you a solution for the unique financial operations needs of your clients, addressing critical subscription management, revenue recognition and key metrics requirements.

Outsourced financial services, technology consultants and advisors partnering with SaaSOptics benefit from expansion and revenue growth opportunities. You will drive incremental revenue by bundling SaaSOptics with your value-added services and offerings while expanding your client base by providing a solution applicable to a growing and well-funded market.

Portfolio companies of VC and PE firm partners who modernize their financial operations with SaaSOptics will gain accuracy, security and control over their subscription records. SaaSOptics eliminates financial risk and generates visibility that allows SaaS companies to operate more efficiently while driving revenue growth and improving cash runway.


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