Q&A with RTVision on Streamlining B2B SaaS Financial Operations

Since 1999, RTVision’s SaaS solution has helped local governments and their partners streamline complex operations, inspire public engagement and protect data integrity.

We sat down with the company’s vice president of finance, Brent Backowski, for a chat about RTVision’s journey to automate the company’s financial operations with SaaSOptics.

Q: In the company’s early stages, how did you manage customer subscriptions and finances?

Brent: Early on, QuickBooks seemed like an ideal solution. It was easy to set up and didn’t require a lot of time to learn. As our company grew, contracts became more complex and we had to layer on spreadsheets to make up for the functionality QuickBooks lacked.

Q: What led you to make a change?

The spreadsheets were time-consuming to manage and made our financial operations vulnerable to costly mistakes. Also, our data seemed locked up in QuickBooks and spreadsheets, which made it nearly impossible to leverage it across the organization. We were noticing more errors.

At one point, we were working on a renewal and noticed that the customer never paid for support and maintenance because the invoice was never sent. This is when we knew it was time to look for a subscription management solution.

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Q: Why did you choose SaaSOptics?

We had some processes that were running well in QuickBooks, such as payroll and accounts payable. I originally thought we would have to completely replace it but discovered that SaaSOptics could integrate with QuickBooks so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice workflow efficiency or the integrity of our subscription revenue records by completely replacing QuickBooks. With the integration, we can process new sales orders into GAAP-compliant customer contract records, manage revenue schedules and deferred revenue, streamline invoicing, collections and payments, and access critical subscription metrics and analytics on-demand.

Our entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process is streamlined so we not only save time, we also never miss a renewal. Even better, SaaSOptics’ pricing was close to $10,000 less per year than the other solutions we considered, but its features and capabilities were just as strong.

Q: How have your financial operations improved with SaaSOptics?

Before, manually generating month-end reports and metrics with QuickBooks and spreadsheets was a time-consuming headache. Today, everything in SaaSOptics is automatically tied directly to our contracts and revenue schedules, so reports are easy to generate and accurate. I estimate it’s saving us around five hours each month.

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Real-time customer information in SaaSOptics also helps us quickly respond to leadership requests. Our leadership team can view revenue performance at any time. With that information at our fingertips, we can make smart decisions about company growth, faster. From a customer standpoint, we send invoices with more detailed information, which gives our customers confidence that our operations are buttoned up. It’s also significantly reduced billing inquiries and helped us respond more quickly to customer requests.

On average, SaaSOptics saves us six hours each month because we have instant access to the information we need to respond.

With SaaSOptics, RTVision has greater insight into the business that allows the leadership team to make important decisions on the fly, identify opportunities for growth and respond more quickly to market changes. Backowski estimates that SaaSOptics saved $19,600 in license and implementation fees during the first year alone. Looking forward, he anticipates that automating processes will save the company 276 hours of work and $9,600 annually.

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