SaaSOptics Launches New Partner Program

SaaSOptics, the only subscription management platform designed for emerging and growing B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses, announced today a new partner program for outsourced financial operations advisory firms, technology consultancies, venture capital and private equity firms. The new program enables SaaSOptics’ partners to quickly and effectively address the growing subscription management and analytics needs of their B2B SaaS clients and portfolio companies.

“With wider adoption of our platform, it’s become apparent that the synergy between our work in helping B2B SaaS companies achieve financial success and the goals of B2B SaaS consultancies and investment firms is strong,” Tim McCormick, CEO of SaaSOptics, said. “We’re pleased to directly extend the benefits of SaaSOptics to our partners as an extension of their own expertise and services. We’re also excited by the opportunity the partner program presents to further accelerate the adoption of our platform.”

“SaaSOptics is the perfect complement to our outsourced finance department services and equips us with everything we need to help our B2B SaaS clients grow and scale with confidence,” Dave Robinson, co-founder of Driven Insights, said. “SaaSOptics provides all of the financial information our clients need to make strategic and informed decisions that drive growth, generate new revenue and increase profitability—at every stage.”

Outsourced Financial Services, Technology Consultants and Advisors

Partnering with SaaSOptics enables finance or business advisors, technology consultants or systems integrators focused on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other financial services applications to drive incremental revenue by bundling SaaSOptics with their value-added services and offerings while expanding their client base by providing a solution applicable to a growing and well-funded market.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

The SaaSOptics Partner Program is also designed to help investment groups bring financial excellence to the B2B SaaS businesses in their portfolios. Partnering with SaaSOptics can help drive adoption of subscription management and analytics technology, giving portfolio companies greater standardization and integrity across key SaaS metrics and GAAP revenues. Portfolio companies of VC and PE firm partners that modernize their financial operations with SaaSOptics will gain accuracy, security and control over their subscription records. SaaSOptics eliminates financial risk and generates visibility that allows SaaS companies to operate more efficiently while driving revenue growth and improving cash runway.

For more information, visit our Partner Program page on our website.

SaaSOptics Partner Program