Q&A with Adam Morson, SaaSOptics’ New CFO 

Q&A with Adam Morson, SaaSOptics’ New CFO 

With 20 years’ experience in various finance roles in the software industry and first-hand experience with the SaaSOptics platform, Adam Morson was a logical choice when SaaSOptics decided to bring on a CFO in Q4 of 2020. 

We recently sat down with Morson to better understand why he chose us. 

Here’s what he had to say: 

SaaSOptics: What brought you to SaaSOptics? 

AM: As a former customer, it just seemed like an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. At the time my previous company, ScienceLogic, purchased the product in 2015, it was great. And just keeping up with SaaSOptics and following the different improvements that have been made to the platform–even just over the last couple of years– I thought, “I can’t imagine how great the product is now.” 

SaaSOptics: What are you most excited about?

AM: Honestly, I’m most excited to help out on the sales side of things. I fit the customer profile–I actually was a customer. CFOs, Controllers…these are the people that SaaSOptics solves problems for, and I can help our team get into their mindset. 

SaaSOptics: What was the most impactful business outcome that came out of your teams’ usage of SaaSOptics at ScienceLogic? 

AM: I would say that one of the biggest things was being a smaller, but fast-growing company that was scaling with QuickBooks, we needed the ability to easily reconcile data between all our different sources, as well as derive key metrics and analytics based on the same data set as our GAAP financials. I would say this was the biggest value that SaaSOptics provided us.

SaaSOptics: In speaking with the SaaSOptics team and SaaSOptics customers, we keep coming back to this idea of trustworthiness. Can you speak to that a little more? 

AM: Absolutely. I think especially for Controllers and CFOs, and even further up the chain, just being able to rely on data to make the correct decisions is important. You don’t want your business to be strained by your financial operations, you want your financial operations to be able to enhance your decision making. Whether you’re just making day-to-day decisions or trying to secure funding, it’s important. Also, this elevates every level and role in a Finance team from the bookkeeper to the CEO’s strategic advisers. Instead of simply preparing data, they are also interpreting it.

SaaSOptics: As a Controller, when did you know it was time to start looking for a financial operations platform? 

AM: I know we talk about this all the time, but I think it really goes back to the idea of needing to get out of spreadsheets. I have always started off being the only finance person at a company or the only finance person other than the CFO. So I think when you’re in that phase, spreadsheets are okay initially, but then problems arise when you need a spreadsheet that can maintain say 50 customers’ data or 50 contracts. It also largely depends on what you’re doing. Are you calculating revenue? Or just keeping track of all contracts? As you start to grow and mature, the problem then becomes that you can’t scale your spreadsheets in a reliable way. To further that point, oftentimes the more advanced a spreadsheet becomes, the level of difficulty in transferring or sharing ownership increases accordingly. That’s what prompted my team to start looking for something better. 

SaaSOptics: And what would you say stood out to you the most about SaaSOptics in comparison with others in the marketplace? 

AM: What really sets SaaSOptics apart is our ability to solve a very real problem for our customers in that we enable workflows to connect data from multiple different sources. This empowers the customer to converge their SaaS metrics with their GAAP financials. There is tremendous value there.

SaaSOptics: Any parting thoughts? 

AM: We have a proven product here at SaaSOptics that transforms and automates financial operations. The growth that’s already taken place is incredible, and we’re in a really good position to expand our product offering and potentially address some new markets. I’m beyond excited not only to be a part of this next evolution but also the evolution of our own financial operations.

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