How to Calculate MRR in a Term Subscription Business

How to calculate MRR for a Term Subscription Business Need to know how to calculate MRR in your business? Let’s start with the basics: MRR or Monthly Recurring Revenue is neither a FASB nor a GAAP defined term, and therefore there are neither rules nor findings to help you define the calculations for the various…

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CMRR or Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue

cmrr committed monthly recurring revenue

CMRR: What is the difference between “committed” and “contracted” MRR? CMRR or Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue is the value of the recurring portion of subscription revenue. For term-based subscription businesses, this is the portion of subscription revenue that is recognized each month. It excludes revenues that are not recurring even if such revenues are on…

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Contracted MRR

contracted monthly recurring revenue

What is the difference between “committed” and “contracted” MRR? Contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue is the value of contracted recurring portion of subscription revenue. It is a close cousin of Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue. In some/most businesses, these metrics are identical. The nuance is that Contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue includes only contractually guaranteed revenues. For term-based subscription…

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MRR Definition

MRR is a business metric that gets tossed around a lot. Let’s dive into it a bit more and go over just how important it is for SaaS businesses. What is MRR? MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue. It is the monthly value of the recurring elements of your contract.. It will typically exclude one-time…

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MRR Cohort

What is a Cohort Report and why is it important to a SaaS business?   MRR is an acronym for Monthly Recurring Revenue, which is the contracted, committed, or predictable revenue stream. A cohort is a group with a common statistical characteristic. While a cohort could be a common price band, geography, or other dimension, in…

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Bessemer MRR Growth

MRR Growth

Bessemer MRR Growth Report Bessemer Venture Partners is an active investor in many high profile SaaS businesses. Bessemer has published a number of widely distributed and read papers on SaaS finance and SaaS metrics. “Bessemer 5 Cs of SaaS Finance,” “Top 10 Laws for Being “SaaS-y,” and “Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws of Cloud Computing and…

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Understanding MRR


What is MRR? MRR is an acronym for Monthly Recurring Revenue, or very simply a measure of your predictable revenue stream. A primary purpose of MRR is to permit performance reporting across dissimilar subscriptions terms. The MRR reporting challenge is quickly illuminated in the following scenarios: Customer A subscribes to a one-year term with a…

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