Scope AR Ditches Spreadsheets, Receives Worldclass Support, with SaaSOptics

Bob Spatta understands good customer service. After 20 years of sales and marketing experience at various companies in Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that’s the case. 

These days, Spatta works as the VP of Finance at Scope AR, an augmented reality provider partnering primarily with industrial companies.  

Spatta was brought on initially to handle the company’s taxes, but due to his breadth of experience in other avenues of SaaS operations, his role quickly expanded to encompass more than that. 

Scope’s problem was simple: spreadsheets were no longer cutting it for their financial operations. Even though the CEO is what Spatta would call a “spreadsheet ninja,” the growing team was having trouble maintaining formulas that the CEO had initially written. It was time to find something more scalable. 

When asked to check out SaaSOptics for subscription management and other financial operations, it wasn’t  SaaSOptics’ product (though that was impressive) but the people that won Spatta’s vote of confidence. 

When speaking about a recent interaction with SaaSOptics Application Specialist Shannon Cumbie, Spatta said, “To me, coming out of a service industry, service is everything. If you can’t serve the client, you take away the key differentiator between you and anybody else out there.”

“We had an urgency going into a Board meeting because we didn’t have good numbers on churn. Shannon was able to squeeze me into her schedule, where it was 100% full that day. She called me out of the blue to help me walk through the corrective measure that I needed to take to get real, valid numbers for our churn rate.”

“In real-time, I was able to feed those back to the president of the company while he was in the Board meeting.”

For Scope, it wasn’t until after their Series A that the spreadsheet pain was felt deeply. Spatta remembers, “…after Series A, we knew that we were going to have to have our books audited, and the spreadsheet wasn’t going to cut it with them.”

“Now that our monthly recurring revenue and our annual recurring revenue need to be recognized daily, we don’t have the capability of doing that through a spreadsheet.” 

SaaSOptics gives Spatta everything he needs to deliver audit-ready financials and SaaS metrics to auditors, leadership, and the Board. 

When asked about some of the primary considerations when evaluating subscription management platforms, Spatta emphasized Scope’s unique business model. Scope has a relatively lower customer count, but they have higher contract values and more variable term lengths. 

“We don’t have that high transaction flow where a Recurly or a Zuora does well…[but] we’re just not that company. We don’t need a solution like that. It doesn’t serve a company like us,” explained Spatta. 

“SaaSOptics, on the other hand, while it serves that market as well, it also happens to serve the kind of market we’re in, where we have larger, lower volume transactions, but still need a solution that recognizes monthly and annual recurring revenue.”

Between SaaSOptics’ ability to meet Scope’s business model needs and Spatta’s positive experience with the team, the choice was easy. 

“I can’t ever say enough about Shannon’s effort, and I think it reflects overall what I’ve seen with SaaSOptics, which is number one, the product is rock solid, I mean, just no question.”

“But what makes it even better is the fact that every single person I’ve ever had an interaction with at SaaSOptics has been customer-focused. There’s never been a question about where loyalties lie as a company; it’s to the customer.”