Workato Speeds Up Month-End Close, Gets Cash in the Door Faster with SaaSOptics

Workato Speeds Up Month-End Close, Gets Cash in the Door Faster with SaaSOptics

Workato is a SaaS platform that helps you integrate anything and automate everything. It’s an enterprise automation platform that drives real-time business outcomes from business events by enabling both business and IT to connect disparate apps and automate business workflows. 

The team at SaaSOptics recently sat down with Sen Rong Poh, Enterprise Architect at Workato and Michelle Dayego, Operations Assistant at Workato to chat about all things SaaSOptics. During the interview, we asked them to share with us why they chose SaaSOptics to automate the financial operations of their business, and how it’s enabling them to work more efficiently and scale their growing business faster. 


SaaSOptics: We’d love to learn more about Workato.

Sen Rong Poh: Workato is an enterprise automation platform. It’s built to enable technical and non-technical business users to build their own integrations and automations without compromising security and governance. Our mission is to enable faster digital transformation by giving people the tools to take a holistic approach to automation. Of course, we walk the walk, too. We use our own platform to automate many tasks across the business. 

SaasOptics: That’s great to hear. So just out of curiosity, were either of you involved in the purchasing decision for SaaSOptics?

Sen Rong Poh: Yes. We were both part of the team that evaluated SaaSOptics and other subscription management tools. 

SaaSOptics: Awesome. What were some of the criteria that you guys had in mind and what made you decide to go with SaaSOptics?

Sen Rong Poh: We were looking into a couple of things. We needed a tool that could do invoicing, revenue recognition, produce reports and dashboards, and automate collections. So when we were evaluating SaaSOptics, we found that SaaSOptics was best at all of these criteria that we had, especially on the invoicing and collections part of things. That’s why we went with SaaSOptics.

SaaSOptics: That’s awesome to hear. What prompted you guys to start looking for a solution like ours? Were there any pains associated that kind of made you decide, “Okay, we need help.”

Sen Rong Poh: Yeah. At that time we were creating invoices manually in QuickBooks. It was taking Michelle and her team several hours every day to manually generate the invoices and then chase down customers for payments. We wanted a more automated solution to basically save some time for her team. 

Michelle Dayego: Before, it took 4 hours every day just to do collections and payment reminders. But when we shifted to SaaSOptics, we just had to set the interval and people’s automatic reminders. It definitely saves a lot of time on collections and setting up invoices in advance. 

SaaSOptics: That’s awesome. So you guys are seeing a lot of value with the e-invoicing?

Michelle Dayego: Definitely. And to ensure we’re not missing any invoices, we use Workato to connect SaaSOptics with Trello so we automatically get notified of unpaid invoices. This has really improved our AR aging. 

SaaSOptics: Obviously e-invoicing is huge for you guys and you’re finding a lot of value there. What are some of the other features in SaaSOptics that you’ve really come to love?

Michelle Dayego: Aside from the auto-indicators–that would be my first favorite–another one would be the feature that allows us to set up invoices in advance for customs that are not built. And then the last one would be the Stripe integration where customers can pay by ACH or credit card automatically.

SaaSOptics: You mentioned that you were saving four hours a day on billing and collections using SaaSOptics. Could you walk me through what your workflow was like before that? How did you guys manage to get those invoices out? What was the process like?

Michelle Dayego: When a deal was closed, I would manually invoice the customer in QuickBooks. And then if we didn’t bill it all upfront, I had to schedule a manual reminder to bill it every three months, or something like that. We’d have to copy/paste every transaction every single time. In SaaSOptics, it’s all ready, all we have to do is click the renew button and it will be available in the invoice.

SaaSOptics: I’m curious to know, too, what your experience has been like with our implementation and support teams. 

Michelle Dayego: So far for the support team, I think they’re really the best and they’re customer-centric. Their answers are engaging and straightforward and they always provide better ways to solve problems and even scheduled meetings with me so that we can straighten things out. They’re such a marvelous team.

SaaSOptics: We appreciate that; that’s exactly what we hope to hear. When you guys first got SaaSOptics, what was the implementation process like? Was there a learning curve? 

Michelle Dayego: It took the implementation team a month to help us with the integration of products like QuickBooks with SaaSOptics. Cindy helped with the invoicing part because we had to manually learn the things with shifting from QuickBooks. And then Brittany helped us with the Stripe integration.

SaaSOptics: You guys are serving a ton of countries. Do you have the AvaTax integration set up as well? 

Michelle Dayego: Yes.

SaaSOptics: Awesome. Could you walk me through what made you decide to go with that integration and the value that you guys see from that? 

Sen Rong Poh: So we only implemented tax for the U.S in December of last year because we were growing so fast that we had to pay taxes now. We wanted an automated way to do that because as you know, U.S sectors are not that easily calculable. So with AvaTax, we basically can have SaaSOptics just communicate with AvaTax, give us the correct tax numbers, and then just send it over to the customer, without us having to do anything on our end, which is quite incredible if you ask me.

SaaSOptics: Michelle told me her favorite features in SaaSOptics. Sen Rong, what are some of yours?

Sen Rong Poh: I really liked the AR management feature that you have that flows into the subscription momentum report because I used to have to manually calculate AR in Excel. That was really painful, especially at the end of the month when you have to generate all the numbers for the board. With SaaSOptics, I can see that in one click.

SaaSOptics: Before you had that feature in SaaSOptics, how long would it take you to prepare for board meetings, and was it much more stressful?

Sen Rong Poh: Yeah, of course. I think it took about two days. Two days to prepare the entire deck, but it was also a day to get the AR numbers right.

SaaSOptics: Gotcha. And what does that look like now?

Sen Rong Poh: Now it’s literally at the end of the quarter, we just look at the report and say, “Hey, this is the number. Okay.”

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