Recurring Payment Software

Make It Easy to Get Paid

Increase timely payment with automated collection processes.

Waste less time on delinquencies with system-sent collection emails and escalations.

See the Payment Interaction History for Every Customer

  • Forget Tracking Interactions in a Spreadsheet
  • Know Who Opened or Paid their Bill
  • See Accurate Payment Info All in One Place

Invoice creation, sent date, bounce info, paid date and amount, reminders, and suspensions are all automatically captured with timestamps. This is the path to increased cashflow.

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What Customers Say:

Collections and Payment: Invoice Screen Activity Stream

When orders are processed, all invoice schedules are set up. You can then navigate to any customer's invoice and see all customer interactions.

As shown in the call-out box, all interactions (activities) are captured. Payment is shown in green.

You can also see other details, such as the payment information on the panel at the bottom of the first column.

recurring payment software

What Customers Say:


Collections and Payment: Invoice Payment Options

When orders are originally processed, you can select payment preferences and options.

These show up in the invoices sent to customers, as the landing page example shown below.

Customers have information to pay by check, wire, ACH, or credit card.

recurring payment software 

What Customers Say:

Provide Multiple Options for Payment

  • Accept Check, Wire, ACH, or Credit Card
  • Get Easy Reporting on Payments and Balances
  • Integrate to GL with Stripe or Plaid

Invoice templates show one or more options for payment. Different templates can be used with different customer segments. Taxes are automatically calculated and shown.

Make Collections a 4-Hour Job, Not a 40-Hour One

  • Collections isn't Fun, but it's Required
  • Automatically Send Reminders and Notices
  • Communicate Differently to Different Customers

Accounts receivable is a free loan. Collections soak up days of time every month. Increase working capital with more effective, efficient, and error-free process automation.

Collections and Payment: Automated Emails, Reminders, and Past Due Notices

The screen shot below shows where you can create cadences, which are automated workflows.

As a key capability, cadences will automatically send email reminders and notices based on various dates.

There is a message library, where content can be reused. And, different cadences can be applied to different customers.

recurring payment software

What Customers Say:

Collections and Payment: Accounts Receivable Aging Reports

You can open the A/R Aging report at any time, and you will see an up-to-date list of outstanding invoices.

These are totaled then subtotaled at the top, by periods you define. Click the boxes to filter the list and take action.

In the list, you can review summary data or drill down to everything you need for follow up.

recurring payment software

What Customers Say:

Action-Oriented Aging Reports

  • Don't Waste Your Time Finding Overdue Bills
  • See 30, 60, 90, and 120 Past Due in a Click
  • Always Know Exactly what is Owed

SaaSOptics customers know the status of $8B+ in payments 365 days of the year. When you are paid on time, working capital is maximized, and funding milestones can be pushed out.

Escalate without Lifting a Finger

  • Isn't it Always Fun to go on a Payment Crusade?
  • Set Up Escalation Contacts on Day One
  • Report on Delinquencies in a Click

Configure and systematically enforce payment policies and suspensions. Send a reminder 5, 4, 3, and 2 days before it is due. Automatically send past due notifications. Deploy your own collections rules and processes in minutes. Get paid faster.

Collections and Payment: Escalations

When cadences are set up, not only can they automatically send reminders, they can auto-escalate.

You can see these in the E-Invoicing Preferences, as shown below. 

Your cadence configuration controls when to auto-escalate to executive stakeholders.

recurring payment software 

What Customers Say:

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