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When the Adeptia team first evaluated SaaSOptics back in 2019, they instantaneously saw the value the platform would be able to provide to the business.

According to Business Operations Specialist Taylor McPherson, it had gotten to the point where he was spending three hours of his time making sure customers were input correctly and revenues were properly forecast correctly upon the sales team closing a new deal.

“Before SaaSOptics, I was using six or seven different Excel spreadsheets and kind of tying them all together.”

For Taylor, bad data in his role means their Revenue is off. And as folks in finance roles know all too well, a small number can turn into a very large one when forecast out.

In SaaSOptics, Taylor is able to see how the business is doing on a month-to-month and even a day-to-day basis, which is certainly not something he was able to do before.

For Taylor,

“It’s the ease of access. Everything’s there and you’re confident in the numbers.”

In addition to the value Taylor derives from using the platform himself, Adeptia’s CFO also appreciates the level of visibility SaaSOptics provides. Rather than having to ask Taylor for specific Revenue numbers, Adeptia’s CFO can simply log in himself and gain a high level understanding of performance.

Needless to say, Taylor would highly recommend SaaSOptics.

We're able to see where numbers are gonna look like in the future, and being able to do that wasn't really a thing you could do before.

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