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When event planning software company Bizzabo started to grow, then Business Application Manager Sarah Borrmann knew that managing their financial operations (particularly their order-to-cash process) in spreadsheets was no longer going to cut it.

“We were manually emailing customers to request payment and knew this was not sustainable.”

Because of the increasing pain of the current process, Borrmann’s team purchased an expensive subscription management solution to help automate Bizzabo’s financial operations in January of 2018. What she didn’t know at the time, though, was that this would turn into a painful, 6-month implementation process and the platform would fail to deliver on many of Bizzabo’s specific needs as a B2B SaaS company.

One issue that stood out to Borrmann in particular was the platform’s incompatibility with their order-to-cash workflow. A deal would close in Salesforce and then a contract record would be created in their subscription management platform, but making even the slightest changes to a contract would wreak havoc downstream.

Changes to contracts or billing terms were a nightmare,

said Borrmann. “If a customer switched from monthly to quarterly billing, I had to delete their entire subscription record and all of their product data, completely recreate it, reconcile what they paid in the past and send the invoice again.”

With mounting frustration, Borrmann made the switch to SaaSOptics at the suggestion of Bizzabo’s CEO.

In it, she found all of the B2B functionality her team desperately needed, without the headache or hand wringing of a lengthy, painful implementation process.

“After the first call, I could see the potential of SaaSOptics to give us the freedom and flexibility we needed,” said Borrmann.

In only 6 weeks, Bizzabo was up and running with SaaSOptics. The previous provider required Borrmann to conduct the entire migration process on her own with little support.

“I spent nearly a month manually entering data into spreadsheets that the provider would then load into the platform,” she said. “The data migration specialist at SaaSOptics really took the time to work with us. It was a totally different process — much smoother and faster.”

In addition to an easier onboarding experience, SaaSOptics’ Salesforce integration automatically pulls Bizzabo’s sales orders into SaaSOptics with items, amounts and sales-negotiated terms. From there, Borrmann and her team can easily create renewal opportunities, completely streamlining the order-to-cash process.

When asked what advice she’d give to fellow finance folks at B2B companies, Borrmann had this to say,“The platform you choose should be flexible and have built-in integrations that allow you to use the solutions and processes that work for your business – without charging additional developer fees.”

“The provider might seem tuned in during the sales process, but dig deeper and talk to real customers to make sure the provider will be a true partner and offer the support you need to be successful long-term.”

After the first call, I could see the potential of SaaSOptics to give us the freedom and flexibility we needed,

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