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Roza Anthony, Senior Accounting Manager at Repsly, has been doing audits for almost a decade.

She’s never been in a situation where auditors had no comments on Revenue, until now.

Back in 2018, Roza was brought on to help the company complete their year one audit. And while it didn’t go badly, the auditors did let Roza know that the Repsly would need to clean up their revenue recognition policy and practices in time for their next audit.

After implementing SaaSOptics in the summer of 2019 and going through their next audit, Repsly’s auditors had zero comments about Revenue, something Roza didn’t even realize was possible.

With SaaSOptics, Roza can easily pull clean and accurate Revenue numbers for her auditors, meaning she can spend more time building relationships with their firm and less time chasing down data.

In Roza’s words,

SaaSOptics does everything I need it to do. It’s flexible.

In SaaSOptics, Roza can edit details, correct data, and even run error reports automatically.

The newfound freedom that SaaSOptics has given Roza allows her to spend more time explaining Repsly’s processes clearly to auditors and less time trying to slice and dice data in spreadsheets.

Roza also notes that SaaSOptics’ financial reports have improved Repsly’s investor relations as well. Repsly’s investors are looking to see Revenue broken out by Customer by month, and that’s something Roza can pull in a matter of seconds in the SaaSOptics platform.

After implementing SaaSOptics, the auditors had no comments about revenue at all, none.

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