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RtVision Invests in Customer-Facing Positions with Time and Money Saved with SaaSOptics

Brent Backowski understands what the hidden costs of inefficient financial operations are. As VP of Finance at RtVision, a software company that helps automate operations for local governments and their partners, Backowski understood quickly that RtVision’s financial operations were outgrowing Quickbooks.

“QuickBooks was easy at first, but as our company grew, contracts became more complex, and we had to layer on spreadsheets,” said Backowski. “Our data was locked up in QuickBooks and spreadsheets, which made it nearly impossible to leverage across the organization.”

Backowski knew that RtVision needed something with more advanced capabilities, but he didn’t want to ditch Quickbooks altogether as it was working well for certain aspects of RtVisions’ FinOps.

“We had some processes that were running well in QuickBooks, such as payroll and accounts payable, so we were happy to learn that we didn’t have to replace QuickBooks completely.”

Luckily, Backowski found the best of both worlds in SaaSOptics, a subscription management platform built specifically for B2B SaaS companies. SaaSOptics’ Quickbooks integration allows Backowski’s team to continue to operate some of their operations in Quickbooks while optimizing other aspects with SaaSOptics.

In SaaSOptics, Backowski’s team easily processes new sales orders into GAAP/IFRS compliant customer contract records, manages revenue schedules and deferred revenue, and
streamlines invoicing, collections and payments.

“SaaSOptics streamlined our entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process, so we not only save time but we also never miss a renewal,” said Backowski.

The team had been burned by missing invoices before. According to Buckowski, “We were working on a renewal and noticed that the customer never paid for support and maintenance. Unfortunately, the invoice was never sent. It was at this point that we knew it was time to find a subscription management solution that would eliminate errors, liberate customer information and automate our financial operations.”

Buckowski’s team also gets GAAP/IFRS compliant financials and investor-grade SaaS metrics and analytics from the SaaSOptics platform.

Our leadership team can view revenue performance at any time. With that information at our fingertips, we can make smart decisions about company growth faster.

Time saved on producing important financial metrics and analytics is the ultimate benefit to Backowsi’s team. Backowski estimates that automating financial operations in SaaSOptics will save his team upwards of 200 hours next year.

This is a valuable time that Buckowski’s team can now redirect toward forward-looking financial planning and business strategy.

With the business growing at a steady 50% year over year clip, Buckowski is thankful that SaaSOptics has empowered RtVision to achieve greater FinOps efficiency, without having to add any additional headcount.

With the extra headcount, RtVision can invest in its customer base by hiring more customer-facing positions.

SaaSOptics streamlined our entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process, so we not only save time but we also never miss a renewal

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