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StructionSite Adopts New Pricing Strategies with Flexibility Provided by SaaSOptics

Early in construction site collaboration platform StructionSite’s history, their financial operations tech stack severely limited their ability to offer a variety of contract structures to customers.

As the company grew though, maximizing trial usage and accelerating market adoption meant changing StructionSite’s pricing structure and giving customers the flexibility to scale up and down with a variety of contract types.

Like many growing SaaS businesses, StructionSite had built a tech stack that includedQuickBooks, Salesforce and a third-party business intelligence (BI) tool for managing it’s subscriptions and financial operations.

As the new pricing structure rolled out, it became obvious that managing multiple contract types and recognizing revenue was not only challenging with StructionSite’s existing tech stack but also required time-consuming manual data entry.

According to Co-Founder and CEO Matt Daly, “The tools in our stack didn’t share data and our BI tool lacked built-in logic, so our finance team was manually capturing data and creating charts and projections using spreadsheets.”

“This was extremely resource intensive and consistently resulted in errors, which led to our stakeholders losing confidence in our reporting. We needed to automate revenue
recognition and billing, but we also needed data we could trust.”

With SaaSOptics, StructionSite is free to offer a variety of contract structures without the constraints of their disconnected tech stack.

Previously, when reviewing data generated from QuickBooks, Salesforce and its BI tool, Daly would find errors, either over or underreporting revenue.

According to Daly, “Our BI tool was unable to send data back to QuickBooks or Salesforce, which resulted in errors that obviously left us nervous about sharing reports with key stakeholders for fear of inaccuracy.”

With SaaSOptics, information is synchronized, delivering valuable data back into Salesforce and QuickBooks. This bi-directional data stream gives StructionSite visibility into invoices that have been paid versus those that are delinquent.

“The bi-directional data flow offered by SaaSOptics is extremely helpful for giving key stakeholders visibility into important financial information.”

“SaaSOptics recognizes revenue accurately and generates GAAP-compliant reports, so we have confidence in the data and avoid the risks that come with inaccurate reporting.”
Today, the accurate, comprehensive reporting provided by SaaSOptics drives StructionSite’s
decision-making, strategic business development efforts, and fundraising preparations.

As a startup, confidence in business data is critical, and I sleep a lot better knowing our financial operations are driven by SaaSOptics.

“SaaSOptics has given our lead investor, internal managers and executive team confidence in the data that represents our company’s current performance and future potential.”

SaaSOptics recognizes revenue accurately and generates GAAP-compliant reports, so we have confidence in the data and avoid the risks that come with inaccurate reporting.

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