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Get a handle on your revenue and cash flow today.

You've likely made the jump to accrual accounting, and cash in (and out) of your business is a top concern. Correctly managing your financials, appropriately recognizing revenue to support your growth trajectory and ensuring you are capturing cash from subscriptions quickly are critical to your viability.

You need to correctly account for subscription revenue and implement controls to accurately report on your subscription business. You know you’ll continue to grow, and ensuring you have audit-ready financials will be key when you ultimately seek outside funding.

Set a foundation for financial excellence today. Get out of spreadsheets and systemize your customer, contract and transaction records, ensuring you’re keeping up with your customers’ renewal terms, items and other important details.

Outstanding accounts receivables has a real impact on how you run your business. Understanding your collections cycle and reducing any roadblocks that keep you from getting cash sooner gives you quicker access to needed growth capital.

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Complete Subscription Management for Startup Companies

SaaSOptics creates and manages your invoice schedule, allowing you to deploy e-invoices automatically to ensure you collect cash quickly from subscription sales. Reports and dashboards let you clearly see when future invoices are set to go out, so you can predict cash into the business. Accounts receivables and dunning and collections features ensure you’re minimizing your outstanding cash to secure critical growth capital, faster.

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Minimize Risk to Help You Scale

Implement a scalable system that will make sure you’re prepared for everything you’ll face in the future, like funding conversations and audits. SaaSOptics automatically turns all-new subscription orders into GAAP-compliant customer contracts with revenue schedules and customizable renewal terms. You’ll also get access to important SaaS metrics, such as ARR, MRR, churn and CLV, to ensure you’re ahead of the curve in leveraging critical subscription analytics.

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