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You’re pursuing outside investment to help accelerate growth. Between reporting in your general ledger and CRM and exporting data into spreadsheets, you’ve created some preliminary analysis of your business. But then you start to think about the metrics, analytics and models you need to show investors and, later, present to your board. ARR and MRR are one thing, but ongoing subscription momentum analysis, churn, cohorts and projection modeling are something else entirely.

Selling investors on your business means putting your best foot forward with comprehensive and water-tight reporting. You need to invest in a system that will police the accuracy of your financial operations, creating confidence in your data and giving you real-time access to all of the metrics and analytics you need to see on-demand.

Boxed general ledgers don’t help you quality-control your financial operations because they can’t accommodate for customer contracts or revenue recognition. With sales volume increasing, it’s going to get harder to stay ahead of constant contract changes and their effect on accurate revenue reporting.

Activities that used to be manageable, like keeping up with billing, have started to become a bottleneck. Not having the tools or bandwidth to scale dunning processes that improve collections has a real impact on how you’re able to invest in your growth operations – and, when you’ll exhaust your cash runway.

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Complete Subscription Management for Emerging-Growth Companies

Your growth strategy depends on accuracy, efficiency and control over your financial operations. You need to provide data-driven proof that your business is capable of exponential growth. SaaSOptics gives you a system that improves investor confidence and increases your valuation.


Getting Out of Spreadsheets Helps You Get (and Stay) Funded

SaaSOptics gives you a single system of record that shores up risk in your subscription business by ensuring all of your contracts are accounted for correctly, revenue is represented accurately and adjusted automatically, billing and payment processes support minimizing outstanding accounts receivables, and orders and renewals are automated so no opportunities to improve your subscription momentum are ever missed.

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