SaaSOptics Features

Powerful Subscription Management

Everything you can do with SaaSOptics is geared toward giving you confidence in your financial operations. Here’s how we do it.

Track the Health of Your Business with Ease

Our role-based dashboards give you access to everything you need to see in real time.

Subscription Management

Grow with Confidence — Subscription Management for All Stages

When we say “powerful subscription management,” we mean it. Our customers are startups and fully established B2B SaaS businesses. We grow with you as your business expands and changes, and you get the whole platform at your fingertips from day one.

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Startup (<$1M)

Set a foundation of success for your company with GAAP financials, bookings reports and SaaS metrics.

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Emerging (Pre-Series A)

Systemize your contracts and get your arms around your subscription metrics and potential risks.

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Growth (Series A-C)

Build scalable financial operations that ensure your team, board and investors are on the same page.

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Mature (Series C+)

Capture insights that inform how you can transform your business strategy to meet growth objectives.

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The Complete Solution

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    One Platform

    Manage your entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process in a single interface.

  • order to cash software
    Responsive Support

    Get up and running quickly in one to two weeks with ongoing access to our US-based support experts.

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    Powerful Integrations

    Connect key systems with SaaSOptics as your financial operations system of record.


Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?

What our Customers are Saying

More than 800 B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses trust SaaSOptics to modernize their financial operations.

“I was pitch hitting and helping with modeling and projections but as the business grew, tracking revenue streams, receivables and payables, and deferred revenue became extremely difficult…We know everything is GAAP compliant and no longer need spreadsheets or manual processes because the data automatically syncs between SaaSOptics and QuickBooks.”

David Modiano
Fractional CFO

“From a pure diligence standpoint, anything investors or acquirers asked for, BCV was able to produce. Not only could they produce it, they could run reports and deliver the data fast. SaaSOptics did all the work, so we didn’t have to augment, reformat or put a lot of analysis into the data.”

“We implemented SaaSOptics after a rigorous review of Subscription Management and Revenue Recognition platforms. In terms of fit, value and domain value-add, SaaSOptics was the clear leader and therefore winner of our business. Once implemented those well-researched capabilities met or exceeded our expectations.”

Donny Askin
Fractional CFO

“With SaaSOptics, we’re able to bring our clients a much higher level of service and intelligence so they are no longer making decisions in the dark. They are making informed decisions and in most cases, for the first time in the business. It’s pretty powerful.”

Ben Robinson
Managing Partner

“SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time.”

Eric Rosenberg
Sr. Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis

“We know how SaaSOptics can impact business decisions and fundraising. Most importantly, I trust the data in SaaSOptics, the executive team trusts it, the board trusts it, auditors trust it, and investors trust it.”

Amar Shrivastava
Vice President Finance