SaaS Metrics

Access trustworthy, investor-grade SaaS metrics and analytics

A miscalculated SaaS metric can have serious downstream consequences not only on your valuation but on your ability to make effective business decisions. Get it right with SaaSOptics.

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Step one

Process your orders

If you're using a CRM tool, easily connect and process your orders through our best-in-class integrations. No CRM? No problem. You can easily process orders directly in SaaSOptics and generate your SaaS metrics.

Step Two

Access hundreds of important SaaS metrics

SaaSOptics tracks hundreds of metrics including ARR/MRR, CLV, Churn, and more.

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saas metrics dashboard

Step three

Make better business decisions with better insights

SaaSOptics provides insights into subscription momentum and cohorts to empower you to make the right business decisions.

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