Financial and GAAP reporting

GAAP Financials Made Easy

Revenue, Deferred Revenue, Invoicing, AR - your complete revenue subledger.

Instant, accurate financial reporting for investors, auditors, bankers, and M&A.

Trusted GAAP / IFRS Reporting

  • No more painful, costly revenue spreadsheets
  • Report on revenue easily and quickly
  • Maintain revenue accuracy at all times

CEOs, CFOs, founders, shareholders, investors, accountants, and auditors demand accurate reporting. Without it, you pay the price. Put them at ease with a solution they already trust.

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What Customers Say:

Financial Reporting: Contract Details

SaaSOptics captures each contract with item-level revenue schedules, invoice schedules, and deferred revenue waterfall information.

The report below shows the deferred revenue waterfall, over time, for each customer and contract.

You can filter for multi-currency, various registers, accounts or items, time, and more.

GAAP reporting

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Financial Reporting: Journal Entry Report

This report summarizes recognized revenue, invoices, deferred revenue, unbilled accrued revenue, and helps you manage your books, as SaaSOptics acts as a sub-ledger.

In the full report, the last column summarizes the full amount during the period.

GAAP reporting

What Customers Say:

On-demand, Highly Accurate Financial Reporting

  • Stop manually producing financial reports
  • Gain an always-reliable source of truth
  • Breeze through audits and period closes in days, not weeks

SaaSOptics provides recognizable revenue, invoices, deferred revenue, and unbilled accrued revenue reports. When these are run on highly accurate, continuously validated data, you can relax more.

It All Ties Together—Invoices, Revenues, and Contracts

  • Stop endless hours looking for hidden errors
  • Data quality and integrity is built in
  • Drill into customers, contracts, and line items

SaaSOptics reports support 100s of audits per year. All reports can be exported as CSV or saved to dashboards and snapshots. Get audits done in days, not weeks.

Financial Reports: Deferred Revenue by Transaction

This report shows the relationship between your deferred revenue, revenue, invoices, and contracts.

As with all reports, you can drill into details or place on a dashboard.

GAAP reporting

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Financial Reporting: Dashboard Configuration

With SaaSOptics, you can configure your own dashboards and use existing or new reports within them.

Each panel can be moved and resized to give you exactly what you want to see.

The insight covers CRM, GL, customer, order, invoice, and payment data plus a myriad of calculations.

GAAP reporting

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Easily Build New Reports

  • Don't reinvent the pivot table wheel
  • Design wizards make it simple to create
  • Dashboards highlight actions to take

Choose currencies, accounts, aggregation, calculations, date ranges, periods, filters, and chart formats. Place reports into dashboards by role. This is easier than spreadsheets.

All the Reports You Know You Need

  • Don't waste time and money building spreadsheets
  • Get reliable revenue and deferred revenue reports
  • See income, cash, and AR data clearly

Out-of-the-box reports cover accounts receivable, contracts, contract line items, deferred revenue, payments, customers, invoices, and much more.

Financial Reports: 

Finance reports cover accounts, contracts, revenue, receivables, taxes, cash flow, and more.

Because the data is a by-product of your order-to-cash process, the data is highly accurate from a single source of truth.

These report types are all available to help speed closes, loans, equity, acquisitions, audits, and board inquiries.

GAAP reporting

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