Finops Bootcamp

It's not too late to get your financial operations in tip-top shape for 2022

We've created a 5-week Bootcamp to guide you through the process.

Path 205

Each week, Coach SaaSQuatch will send you an exercise that will have a huge impact on your financial operations and make you the hero of your finance team.

Don’t worry; SaaSQuatch will coach you through every step. And to be completely honest, we’ve already done a lot of the hard work for you. Each exercise will include an actionable template to get you started.

Path 206

Bootcamp Schedule

  • WEEK 1

    Optimize your chart of accounts for SaaS

  • WEEK 2

    Legitimize your revenue and commissions policies

  • WEEK 3

    Standardize calculations for key SaaS metrics

  • WEEK 4

    Build a rock-solid forecasting model you can trust

  • WEEK 5

    Prep for your next audit