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3 Things SaaS Finance Teams Struggle With and How SaaSOptics Solves Them

Will Ibsen and Thomas Bass have talked to thousands of SaaS finance professionals over the years and have noticed three recurring challenges that SaaS Finance Teams face:

  1. Getting Funded
  2. Completing month-end-close efficiently
  3. Achieving a quick and clean audit

In this webinar, Will and Thomas will dive into each of these common struggles and share actionable advice you can use to overcome these challenges with SaaSOptics.

What You'll Learn:

Watch as we do a deep-dive into these powerful reports and features in SaaSOptics:

  • Subscription Momentum Report™
  • Cohort Report
  • Advanced Revenue and Expense Summary Reports
  • Deferred Revenue Rollforward Report
  • Amortized Commissions Report
  • Out-of-balance notifications for daily maintenance

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