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Blueprint for Early Stage SaaS: Building a Foundation that Scales

Will the infrastructure you’ve built for your SaaS business support your growth?

Clayton Whitfield (Founder, SaaSOptics) and Anthony Nitsos (Founder, SaaS Gurus) will share exactly how to set up an early-stage SaaS company to scale efficiently, breeze through audits, and appeal to future investors. They will also explore the challenges and common pitfalls to avoid in the early stages, along with real scenarios they’ve seen over the years.

This webinar will be the most relevant to Start-Ups in the Seed – Series B phases of investment, but, as always, anyone is welcome.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to build a Finance & Stakeholder Ecosystem today that will scale with you
  • What tools you need in your tech toolbox from the beginning
  • What metrics matter now and how to use them to tell your story to investors
  • Common pitfalls to avoid & lessons learned from second-time founders

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