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Raising a Series A: Advice & Considerations from Riverside Acceleration Capital

Though 2020 was an extremely challenging year, we were encouraged by the recession-proof nature of the B2B SaaS industry. We saw many companies raise institutional and alternative funds throughout the year and we expect to see that abundance of dollars and types of funding available to continue into 2021. 

If raising a Series A is on your mind, then you understand that it’s a metrics-driven exercise centered around ARR and repeatable business processes. 

Join us and our partners, Riverside Acceleration Capital, as we discuss these questions and more in this on-demand version of our webinar. Just register to get instant access.

What You'll Learn:

  • When is it truly the right time to raise?
  • What implications will there be for your metrics, and what expectations are there for growth?
  • How much capital is the right amount?
  • What if I’m not a good fit, what then?

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