SaaS Due Diligence

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SaaS Due Diligence: Do’s & Don’ts on Financials & Metrics

Exciting industry growth often comes with expanded geographical footprints and more funding, paving the way for rigorous due diligence processes that often bring to light inaccurate financial data and exposure to sales tax liability. Incorrect financial data leads to a higher risk of funding issues like valuation haircuts and term sheet retractions. This causes investors to ask for clarification and restatements, which can delay or derail the process. In addition to that, if unpaid sales taxes are discovered, you could immediately be at risk for receiving less funding to cover the liability.

What You'll Learn:

  • What metrics your investors will be scrutinizing most, and how to present them successfully
  • How to evaluate your nexus footprint and compliance requirements
  • How to conduct a sales tax risk assessment prior to due diligence including nexus and exposure studies

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