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SaaS Operating & Capital Efficiency Benchmarks: How Your Peers Scored in Financing & Spending

Every year, SaaS Capital surveys over one thousand private SaaS companies on metrics like growth rate, retention rate, and spending, making it the largest, deepest, and most accurate survey of private SaaS company metrics. This year, they asked questions around the amount and types of funding raised, spending and burn-rate trends, and dug deeper into how bootstrapped companies performed compared to their funded peers.

In this webinar, SaaS Capital and SaaSOptics will discuss the 2020 benchmarking data on capital and operating efficiency. You will get a better understanding of where your SaaS business stands relative to your peers and what levers to pull to sustain growth.

What You'll Learn:

How your business compares to your peers on:
-Amount of funding raised
-Type of funding raised
-Timing of financing
-Current expense structure, burn-rate, and runway

The impact of funding on:
-Revenue level
-Growth rates
-Retention rates
-“Rule of 40”

And lastly, the return on equity of different funding sources compared to bootstrapping.



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