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The Proof’s in the Pitch Deck: How to Differentiate Using Metrics

While there is no one formula for the perfect SaaS pitch deck, what may differentiate you from the pack starts with marrying your story with your data — and just how you present that data could undermine your entire pitch. Showing you understand your metrics means knowing how particular levers impact your financial performance, and subsequently, your plan to deploy the capital you’re trying to raise. 

We welcome the insights and experience of Kyle Poyar, VP of Growth at expansion-stage VC firm, OpenView, and Brian Montminy, CFO, at rapidly growing learning management platform, Lessonly. 

Poyar leads OpenView’s Growth Team and advises portfolio executive teams on market segmentation, positioning, pricing, and packaging strategies and compiles OpenView’s annual Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Report.

Brian Montminy has led Lessonly from their Series A round of funding to their Series C round and brings a unique perspective on raising capital with optionality and capital efficiency in mind. 



What You'll Learn:

  • Key metrics to include in your deck beyond MRR and Churn rate
  • OpenView’s 2020 Expansion Benchmarks Report and how to use it
  • What questions to expect from investors on your numbers
  • Best practices on fine-tuning your pitch overall

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