Webinar: Building and Understanding your KPI Dashboard

Webinar: Building and Understanding Your KPI Dashboard

Turn confusion into clarity.

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Anyone can be a powerhouse analyst with advanced reporting from the SaaSOptics Subscription Momentum report, also known as SubMo. Get the key SaaS metrics you need to grow your business, right at your fingertips. 

Key SaaS Metrics

MRR and ARR 

  • Measures opening, new, expansion, contraction, lost, and ending values for customers

Revenue Metrics

  • Net dollar churn
  • Annual churn rate 
  • Net retention rate 
  • Renewal rate
  • Net growth rate

Customer Metrics

  • Annualualized logo churn
  • Customer renewals
  • Customer count moving average
  • Period to period net growth rate

–  Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Average CLV
  • Weighted average CLV
  • Total lifetime value
  • CLV to customer acquisition (CAC) ratio

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