General Ledgers

Improve Your GL

Add a Sub-Ledger Designed for B2B SaaS.

Analyze Subscriptions at Scale across GL and CRM.

Integrate a System instead of

Adding a Spreadsheet

QuickBooks & Xero


Overcome the limits and extend functionality to effectively and efficiently manage recurring B2B SaaS revenues and invoices. Say goodbye to the cost and time spent creating and manually updating spreadsheets. Quit introducing errors into rev-rec and order-to-cash processes. Stop using email to chase open AR. By connecting QuickBooks or Xero to SaaSOptics, you can start using accurate, investor-grade analytics and start scaling your finance team.


  • Achieve GAAP compliance without relying on spreadsheets
  • Get highly accurate, investor-grade subscription analytics
  • Report on revenue recognition with confidence
  • Leverage flexible invoicing and AR management options
  • Extend the life of your GL and delay the switch to a big ERP

How It Works

As a seamless extension to Quickbooks and Xero, SaaSOptics becomes a revenue sub-ledger, and keeps key records in sync. The data includes customers, currencies, registers, the chart of accounts, revenue records, contracts, items (products), invoices, invoice line items, credit memos, and payments.


Implementing an ERP?

Balance Enterprise Control

with Best-of-Breed Analytics and Workflows

Intacct & Netsuite


With SaaSOptics’ bi-directional integration to Intacct and NetSuite, you can marry the best of SaaSOptics (SaaS B2B purpose-built functionality) with the best of Intacct (enterprise-level controls). The integration’s customizable configuration allows you to set up data flow between the two systems to fit your business needs.


  • Extend the life of QuickBooks or Xero, then make the transition to ERP much easier, quicker, and more cost-effective
  • Add out-of-the-box, investor-grade analytics and revenue reports without expensive customization of Intacct
  • Use a more streamlined order-to-cash UX and workflow when managing invoicing and revenue recognition

How It Works

When moving to ERP, these modules help address strategic, operational, and tactical requirements. SaaSOptics brings "Best-of-Breed" for B2B SaaS to ERP at a lower cost. Operationally, the data quality protection and analytics even support SaaS IPO reporting. Tactically, SaaSOptics' workflows are much easier than ERPs.


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