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Automate Sales Taxes and Reduce Valuation Liabilities.

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Sales Tax: Avalara

Address B2B SaaS Sales Tax Obligations

SaaSOptics integrates with Avalara’s AvaTax product to help you automatically, accurately calculate sales tax/VAT. These are applied to all of your invoices, helping you stay compliant with ever-changing tax laws. And, you can automate filings as well as sync the tax information into your general ledger.


  • Protect your business’ valuation by getting ahead of future sales tax liabilities
  • Save time by automating sales tax calculations and filings
  • Address sales tax filings ahead of audits by government tax authorities

How It Works

When you set-up customers in SaaSOptics, invoice addresses are validated for accuracy against the Avalara cloud. Before invoices are sent from SaaSOptics, addresses and line items are sent to Avalara for sales tax/VAT calculation. Then, the calculations are automatically added to your invoices while the integration keeps data in sync to help ensure accuracy.


ePayments: Fattmerchant & Stripe

Offer Options to Customers, Get Paid Faster

SaaSOptics has teamed up with leading e-payments companies, Fattmerchant and Stripe. e-Payments help you get paid faster via ACH or credit card and add additional automation to the collections process. Your customers can click-to-pay emailed invoices—and they don’t have to log into a banking app to pay.


  • Make it easier for customers to pay their invoices
  • Increase working capital
  • Expedite and encourage more ACH payments—with no micro-deposit step
  • Adjust settings to automatically show or hide payment options on an invoice

How It Works

When your customer receives an e-invoice from SaaSOptics, they can see buttons for “Pay with Bank Account” or “Pay by Card.” For a better customer and employee experience, you do not have to force ACH micro-deposit verification steps. This Module can also allow you to offer different payment options based on customer category, specific invoice, time windows, or invoice amount thresholds. Electronic payments are automatically applied to invoices, and the invoices, payments, and deposits sync to your connected GL.


ePayment: Stripe 1-Way

Rev Rec and Analytics for Stripe Subscriptions

If you have already invested in Stripe's APIs for billing and subscriptions, you can add SaaSOptics for its powerful, out of the box B2B revenue recognition and subscription analytics. Because SaaSOptics is purpose-built for B2B SaaS, you benefit from a world-class combination of their API and our application.


  • Support self-serve customer orders, billing, and renewal via Stripe
  • Supplement Stripe with investor-grade analytics and financial reporting by SaaSOptics
  • Capture revenues and manage revenue recognition via SaaSOptics

How It Works

As your customers pay via Stripe, data flows into SaaSOptics, including plans, customers, invoices, payments, refunds, and deposits. In turn, SaaSOptics generates transactions for revenue recognition. All of this data feeds subscription momentum reports, cohort analysis, and dozens of KPIs and calculations. The data can be synced to general ledgers and some CRMs.

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