Integrate + Extend

Quickly integrate to other applications.

Instantly extend the capabilities of your workflows.

Increase Your ROI on SaaSOptics

Module Benefits

Connect Data Across Accounting and CRM Systems

Reduce Data Inaccuracies and Errors

Speed Reconciliation

Consolidate Key Financials for CRM Leadership

Minimize Manual Processes and Save Time

Improve FinOps Efficiency and Effectiveness

Respond Quickly to Investor, Board, & Auditor Inquiries

Scale Understaffed Teams

App Connections



Automate order processing from CRM

  • Reduce time spent re-keying CRM data
  • Lower the number of data errors
  • Effectively scale the finance team
  • Speed order-to-cash cycle time
  • Get Rev-Rec right from step one
  • Integrate CRM and GLs
  • Send financial data back to CRM
  • Easily identify and reconcile data errors

General Ledgers


Extend the life of smaller GLs:

  • Achieve GAAP compliance
  • Gain investor-grade analytics and financial reports
  • Extend the life of QuickBooks & Xero
  • Delay the painful switch to a big ERP

Add functionality to "Big ERP" apps:

  • Make a switch to "Big ERP" easier
  • Improve analytical insight and decisions
  • Streamline finops workflows

Invoicing & ePayment


Accept Credit Cards and ACH

  • Improve cash flow and working capital
  • Offer multiple payment options to customers
  • Encourage more ACH payments
  • Connect GLs, streamline reconciliations

Automate Sales Taxes

  • Address liabilities with state auditors
  • Automate calculation for invoicing
  • Automate filings with expert help

Data Integrated

General Ledger (GL)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales Tax Jurisdiction Rules

Global Currency Exchanges

Data Warehouses

Market Intelligence and Enrichment

Customers, Orders, Contracts and Line Items

Revenues and Revenue Recognition

Invoices, Payments, Refunds, and Credits

Market, Prospect, Customer, and Churn Profiles

Order-to-Cash Cycle Timeframes and AR Aging

Financial Insight for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

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