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Automatically sync orders between CRM and GL. Stop spreadsheet and email mayhem.

Process Sales Orders in
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  • Understaffed? Not Anymore
  • Automate and Analyze Order-to-Cash
  • Nail Data Accuracy from the Start

Working with 800+ B2B SaaS companies taught us two critical things. One, don't rely on spreadsheets when systems are required. Two, start with clean data and keep it that way.

Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

What Customers Say:

Order Management: Process Sales Orders

The screen below is where you begin processing orders (in this case, from Salesforce.com).

At the top of the screen, you can see how many records are queued along with status and key settings.

In the list at the bottom of the screen, you can begin processing orders manually (or let them process automatically).

order management software

What Customers Say:

order management software


Order Management: Revenue Schedules

When you process a sales order, revenue schedules are automatically created (as shown below).

Here, you can view the revenue records for any customer (and also in summary reports).

You can also see contracts, transactions (i.e. contract elements), invoices, invoice line items, payments, and more - all in one place.

And, close dates keep revenue history safe, while automatically true-ing up post-close adjustments.

order management software

What Customers Say:

Accurate GAAP Revenue
Reporting in a Click

  • Dump the Broken Rev Rec Spreadsheets
  • Buzz through Audits
  • Deliver Trustworthy Rev Rec in Seconds

When processing an order in SaaSOptics, revenue recognition schedules are automatically created. This approach has helped our customers raise over $15B. Don't put a valuation, loan, or acquisition at risk. We're low cost, high value, and proven. Get funded and stay funded with best-in-class revenue recognition.

In-Depth Demo Video

This video covers how you can process sales orders from Salesforce.com.

It also shows how we automatically create customer, contract, revenue recognition, and invoices.

What Customers Say:

Automatic Invoicing
and AR Management

  • Never Miss an Invoice Again - Ever
  • Get Paid Faster with Collections Automation
  • Experience Ease of Use & Deployment in Days

Whether recurring or a one-off, it is easy to make errors when tracking billing schedules in a spreadsheet and inbox. With SaaSOptics, order processing creates and tracks invoices automatically. This helps convert A/R to cash more effectively.

Order Management: Invoice Schedules

As you process an order from CRM, invoices are automatically scheduled for future email automation.

In the screen below, you can see each invoice is synced with QuickBooks. It can also be synced Salesforce.com.

You can also see balances, sync dates, and more—including the last email send, open, and click.

order management software

What Customers Say:

Order Management: Analytics


When you process orders through SaaSOptics, you will see the data starts clean and integrated.

And, it stays that way. As you go to report on the data, you quickly see how this type of data quality makes a huge difference.

When an investor wants you to drill into report details, you know the accuracy is solid.



What Customers Say:


Investor-Grade Reports and Analytics with High Accuracy

  • Say Goodbye to Tedious Data Error Hunting
  • See Robust Calculations with High-Quality Data
  • Get Instant, Accurate Info for Any Funding Event

Investors know subscription metrics should be derived from financial records. This is why SaasOptics order processing has a day one focus on data integrity. Hundreds of Venture Capital, Private Equity, corporate VCs, and angels trust our customers' data—because it is in SaaSOptics.

Keep CRM and GL In Sync
without Heavy Lifting

  • Eliminate Re-Keying Order Data Across Apps
  • Set Up Integrations in 10 Minutes
  • Sync Orders, Financials, Payments, & More

Stop wasting time reconciling your CRM, GL, and spreadsheets. SaaSOptics connects Salesforce, Hubspot, QuickBooks, Intacct, Netsuite, Xero, and more. It's fast, affordable, accurate, and complete. No projects and no middleware required.

Order Management: CRM and GL Integration

In 10 minutes, you can integrate SaaSOptics with Salesforce.com and Hubspot (or other CRMs).

Both sales order and account data are synced with CRM (alongside financial records and renewals).

SaaSOptics then syncs customer, order, invoice, payment, and settings with QuickBooks, Intacct, or Netsuite.

order management software

What Customers Say:

Can your spreadsheet do that?

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Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process Overview, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

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