Pipedrive + SaaSOptics

Integrate and Automate Order Management


Connect Pipedrive and SaaSOptics to Automate and Improve
Financial Data Accuracy

Integration allows you to:

Pass deals that are won automatically to sales order queue within SaaSOptics

Configure data mappings between Pipedrive and SaaSOptics so that you can prevent manual errors or time wasted re-keying data that already exists in your CRM

Bridge the previously disconnected GL and CRM systems and provide alerts... keeping your systems consistent and accurate

Set up and configure in less than a day

Benefits and Business Outcomes:

Get revenue recognition correct from the start—with clean, integrated data.

Automate processing and reconciliation between systems.

Process new customer orders, revenue recognition, and future invoice schedules in less than one minute.

Reduce the chance of missed invoices and payments.

Capture the data needed for accurate financial reporting and business analysis.

Delay the need for finance team headcount by automating admin tasks.

See the seamless integration in action

Web - SO Pipedrive Integration

How SaaSOptics and Pipedrive Work Together

  1. SaaSOptics makes a request to Pipedrive to get new sales order via manual sync or automatically at regular time intervals.
  2. Pipedrive sends the information to SaaSOptics.
  3. As SaaSOptics users review new sales orders, they can match the records to existing account data, add contracts, and set up new revenue or invoice schedules.
  4. In the background, SaaSOptics keeps the data in sync as well as checking and alerting users on integration errors and data integrity issues.

See it in Action

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