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It's time to take control of your financial operations.

Meet Alan, the B2B SaaS finance person you know all too well. This is the story of how Alan left manual processes and color-coded spreadsheets in the dust in pursuit of a better way. With SaaSOptics, Alan takes control of his company's financial operations and even makes it home for dinner.


Do More With Less

  • Accurate invoice and revenue schedules at light speed
  • Automatically sync orders between CRM and GL
  • Stop spreadsheet and email mayhem

Working with 800+ B2B SaaS companies taught us two critical things. One, don't rely on spreadsheets when systems are required. Two, start with and keep data clean.


Get Rev Rec Right

  • Dump the error-prone deferred revenue spreadsheet.
  • Accurate, GAAP-compliant, and on-demand for investors, loans, m&a, more.

There isn't a general ledger in the market built for subscription businesses. QuickBooks and Xero have massive gaps. "Big ERP" delivers sub-optimal functions at a punitive cost—and with painful implementation timelines. Not SaaSOptics. Deploy in days at a fraction of the cost.

"SaaSOptics has taken a lot of the manual processes away and made things super easy for us. SaaS metrics and accounting is really complicated and once we got it set up it cut our finance admin workload by 80 or 90%."

- Michael H., Gather Voices

Michael Hoffman


Cash Is Still King

  • Ensure efficient & timely invoicing and collections.
  • Spend less time on AR management and improve cashflow.
  • Scale Invoicing Processes 100X Faster than a Human

Across our customer base, we send thousands of invoices every day. With our order processing automation, we make sure these happen on time, every time. Spreadsheets don't do this.


Make It Easy to Get Paid

  • Increase timely payment with automated collection processes.
  • Waste less time on delinquencies with system-sent collection emails and escalations.

Invoice creation, sent date, bounce info, paid date and amount, reminders, and suspensions are all automtically captured with timestamps. This is the path to increased cashflow.


Financial Insight for Everyone

  • Widgets and syncs push renewals and financial data into CRM.
  • Answer sales and service team inquiries all day without lifting a finger.

CRM users can see account data with MRR, ARR, total balance of accounts receivable, and open invoices with invoice and transaction details. Sales and services can now do it themselves.


Formula Errors Be Gone

  • React confidently to board inquiries in two clicks not two days.
  • Access 100s of predefined, proven metrics and formulas.

Dozens of investors have invested in SaaSOptics customers. They love to hear that you use SaaSOptics. Why? Because they can trust what you show them.


Investor-Grade: Accurate & GAAP Compliant

  • Revenue, Deferred Revenue, Invoicing, AR - your complete revenue subledger.
  • Instant, accurate financial reporting for investors, audits, banks, funding, M&A.

Owners, shareholders, CFOs, investors, accountants, and auditors demand accurate reporting. Without it, you pay the price. Put them at ease with a solution they already trust. Today, SaaSOptics reports on billions.

“Working with SaaSOptics has been a completely different experience and showed us the importance of using a platform designed for B2B SaaS. With SaaSOptics, we found a more cost-effective subscription management solution with better support and features, but we also found a partner.”

– Sarah Bormann, Bizzabo

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