Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

By participating, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

(1) You will receive $100 for each qualified lead (as defined below) that you refer, provided that (i) you schedule a demo call between the qualified lead and SaaSOptics using the form at the URL below, (ii) the qualified lead enters an active buying cycle, as defined by the opportunity reaching the “Demo Completed” stage or higher in SaaSOptics' internal CRM database. The referral must be submitted and the call must be scheduled via the landing page at (2) For each such qualified lead that completes the demo call that becomes a new customer of SaaSOptics by purchasing and paying for for our service listed on the landing page, you will receive (i) $1,000 for deals with a value of at least $4,000 but less than $10,000 or (ii) $2,000 for deals with a value of at least $10,000,  (3) Referrals must be for qualified leads. A “qualified lead” means a prospect that (i) is interested in B2B SaaS subscription management, whose company can benefit from subscription management, and who is interested in having a live conversation and viewing how SaaSOptics works via a remote call with an SaaSOptics representative, (ii) is not an existing SaaSOptics customer, and (iii) is a non-active opportunity at the time you schedule the call. A “non-active opportunity” means a prospective customer who is not currently engaged in a sales cycle and is not in an open opportunity stage in our internal CRM database. (6) Referrals for leads for which we awarded a payout to the same referring partner through a prior partner program are not eligible (e.g. your referral is ineligible under this year’s program if you referred the same company and were awarded a payout). Payouts for the trip will be made through ACH payment for amounts earned during the month just ended. Recipients must provide a valid completed and signed individual W-9 form (if U.S. resident) or W-8BEN form (if Canadian resident), as appropriate, and ACH transfer routing information. Recipients are solely responsible for any tax payments and reporting for amounts received. (8) This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and is void where prohibited by law. (9) To be eligible, you must be, at the time of referral through the program permitted under your employer’s policy to participate and receive referral payouts. Please confirm with your employer whether you are eligible to participate in this program. (10) SaaSOptics may suspend, terminate or modify this program at any time, without notice, and reserves the right to disqualify anyone from participation. (11) All determinations will be made by SaaSOptics in its sole discretion and are final.