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There isn't a general ledger in the market built for subscription businesses. QuickBooks and Xero have massive gaps. "Big ERP" delivers sub-optimal functions at a punitive cost—and with painful implementation timelines. Not SaaSOptics. Deploy in days at a fraction of the cost.

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Revenue Recognition: Journal Entry Report

SaaSOptics acts as a sub-ledger for your GL, and the screen below is where finance leaders can report on revenue journal entries.

In the top panel, you can see recognizable revenue, subscription income, invoices, deferred revenue, unbilled accrued revenue, and more.

Each of the panels within this report offer additional perspective of the data.

revenue recognition principle

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Revenue Recognition: Deferred Revenue Balance

The report below shows a list of all customers and their contract number with deferred revenue in a monthly view for the year.

Deferred revenue is a balance sheet liability account and equal to the value of what has been invoiced less what has been recognized to date by customer contract.

This "point in time snapshot" is heavy lifting in a spreadsheet, but SaaSOptics provides it out of the box.

revenue recognition principle

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GAAP Compliance
without Pain

  • Deferred Revenue & Unbilled AR are Hard
  • 606 in spreadsheets? Ouch!
  • Get Robust Rev Rec Running in Days

No need to go to an ERP. Together, 800+ SaaSOptics customers have raised 1800+ rounds, many with GLs like QuickBooks & Xero. Stop the errors and omissions, and kill the spreadsheet. Get SaaSOptics for the best SaaS rev rec in the market.

Revenue Reports that Make Accountants Smile

  • Never Under or Over Report Again
  • See Rev Rec across the Customer Lifecycle
  • Maximize the use of Finance Staff

SaaSOptics' GAAP-compliant subscription revenue reports have supported thousands of closes, audits, and raises. Spreadsheets add risk, extend timelines, and often fail. Don't fail. It's time to replace them.

Revenue Recognition: Dashboard: Financial Performance

When you log into SaaSOptics, you can configure your own homepage dashboards.

In the bottom three panels of this homepage dashboard, you can see four financial performance panels.

These show 12 months (or any timeframe) of revenue (service or subscription), invoices, deferred reveneue, and unbilled accrued revenue.

revenue recognition principle

What Customers Say:

Revenue Recognition: Out of Balance Alerts


Throughout SaaSOptics, there are alerts which help users maintain accurate data on a continuous basis.

In this example, users will see that customer, contract, and transactions are out of balance.

These links can be drilled into so that the issues can be quickly corrected.



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Continuous Revenue Integrity Checking

  • No More Error Hunting and Pecking
  • Stop Adding Inaccuracies to Critical Data
  • Get Realtime, Proactive Checks and Balances

When contracts, revenue, and invoice amounts don't match, it creates a lot of extra work. SaaSOptics checks, verifies, and alerts you continuously. You win with smart, ultra-accurate financial records.

Rest Assured with Rev Rec Best Practices

  • Tired of Spreadsheet Programming?
  • 606, Obligations, SSPs, & carveouts easy to track?
  • Get Speed and Accuracy with Contract Changes

SaaSOptics customers manage over $8B in ARR, serve over one million businesses, and have over 1 million subscriptions. From simple to complex, from single-currency to multi-currency, from 605 to 606. We cover it all.

Revenue Recognition: Customer Revenue Records


When you first add a customer and order to SaaSOptics, the revenue schedule and deferred revenue balances are automatically created and calculated.

Here is a screen shot of the customer screen with the revenue and deferred revenue details.

Reports and summaries are based  based on this data, which is stored for every customer in the system.



What Customers Say:


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