Expense Recognition

Archive your Expense spreadsheet for good

Automate Expenses and gain a better understanding of the relationship between Revenue and Expenses in your business. 

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It’s automatic

There’s no need to go over your Expense spreadsheet with a fine-toothed comb every month. SaaSOptics automatically accounts for Prepaid Expenses, Sales Commissions, and Fixed Assets for you.

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We've basically done away with our Excel sheet for expenses within a couple of weeks. We went from being introduced to a new system to relying on the system a hundred percent in a short amount of time.

- Amar Shrivastava, VP of Finance, Anvyl


It’s GAAP/IFRS compliant

GAAP/IFRS standards have strict guidelines on how to account for and recognize Expenses, especially Sales Commissions. Capitalize, recognize, and report on these Expenses with a few clicks of a button.

Accurate financial data is probably the most important thing not only to my team and the C-suite, but also to our investors. Sure, there's human error in implementing and importing things, but I know that the numbers that are coming out of SaaSOptics are correct.

- Sarah Hickey, Director of Finance, HaulHub

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It’s trusted by investors, board members, and execs

Misreporting on Expenses can have drastic consequences for your business. Whether your valuation uses EBITA as a key valuation metric or if you rely on accurate cash forecasting to run the business (hint: you should), you need error-proof calculations and reporting.

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I love being able to see any unexpected variance in expense transactions and look into it immediately with just a couple of clicks.

- Amar Shrivastava, VP of Finance, Anvyl

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets?

Here are some other solutions.

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Metrics & Analytics

Navigate funding rounds with ease with trustworthy, accurate SaaS metrics and analytics.

total bookings

Subscription Management

Managing B2B subscriptions is fundamentally different. You need a partner who understands that.


Revenue Recognition

Gone are the days of managing revenue recognition in spreadsheets.

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