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Finally, SaaS metrics based on the same data set as your financials

Navigate funding rounds with ease with trustworthy, accurate SaaS metrics and analytics.

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Trusted by investors, execs, and board members everywhere.

A single miscalculated SaaS metric can erode investor confidence and wreak havoc on your valuation. SaaSOptics provides you with everything you need to navigate due diligence with ease.

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After I guided investors through SaaSOptics, their only remaining request was to see our balance sheet. SaaSOptics gave them an understanding of the business, so there was no need to formalize or process additional information. They had more confidence in our business because of SaaSOptics.

- Peter Ord, GuideCX

saas analytics

Gain valuable insights into how your business segments and product lines are performing with momentum reports.

It’s not enough to be able to produce SaaS metrics for investors. You need to understand what the numbers say about the health of your business and be able to make operational decisions based on what you’re seeing.

SaaSOptics provides trustworthy financial and analytic reporting, so we can record revenue in accordance to GAAP standards as well as report on common SaaS Metrics for our Board of Directors meetings.

- Becky Winchenbaugh, DialSource

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Prevent churn and master customer retention with in-depth cohort analyses.

A critical part of running a healthy SaaS business is understanding your customers and what products they tend to use. This isn’t guesswork. SaaSOptics allows you to drill down into your customer cohorts to better understand and serve them.

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SaaSOptics has given our lead investor, internal managers, and executive team confidence in the data that represents our company’s current performance and future potential.

- Matt Daly, StructionSite

Want to navigate your funding rounds with ease?

Here are some other solutions.


Expense Recognition

Automatically amortize, recognize, and report on certain types of Expenses.

total bookings

Subscription Management

Managing B2B subscriptions is fundamentally different. You need a partner who understands that.


Revenue Recognition

Gone are the days of managing revenue recognition in spreadsheets.

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