Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition, Simplified

Gone are the days of managing revenue recognition in spreadsheets.

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It’s automatic

Managing revenue recognition in spreadsheets is okay when you only have a handful of customers, but when you scale to hundreds or even thousands of customers, it’s not sustainable.

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Trella Health

I love that I can create new transactions, generate invoices, and complete revenue recognition schedules in one step. It seems that I am learning new ways to use SaaSOptics to make our company’s monthly close more efficient every day.

- Jacqueline Luecke, Trella Health

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It’s compliant

Breeze through next year's audit of your revenues with advanced revenue recognition policies and detailed reporting.

This app is invaluable to our finance team as we are a small team for a growing start-up business and do not have the time to calculate and manage revenue in spreadsheets. SaaSOptics allows us to process orders from Salesforce, automatically generate revenue schedules, and then sync the invoices to the general ledger in QBO with very little manual input.

- Becky Winchenbaugh, DialSource

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It’s trusted by investors, executives, and auditors

Don’t let a revenue re-statement be the reason your company’s valuation gets a haircut. Prep for audits, funding events, and board meetings with confidence using SaaSOptics' advanced reporting capabilities for revenue.

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SaaSOptics has given our lead investor, internal managers, and executive team confidence in the data that represents our company’s current performance and future potential.

- Matt Daly, StructionSite

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets?

Here are some other solutions.


Metrics & Analytics

Navigate funding rounds with ease with trustworthy, accurate SaaS metrics and analytics.

total bookings

Subscription Management

Managing B2B subscriptions is fundamentally different. You need a partner who understands that.


Expense Recognition

Automatically amortize, recognize, and report on certain types of Expenses.

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