Customer Acquisition Strategy for SaaS Companies: A Complete Guide

SaaS customer acquisition strategy planning

What Is Customer Acquisition? Customer Acquisition is the process of acquiring new customers in a business. Not only is it one of the main drivers of revenue growth for early-stage companies, it’s a primary goal for SaaS businesses across market stages. More customers = more revenue, plain and simple. For subscription-based SaaS businesses, your customer…

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The 2022 Accounts Receivable Aging Guide

Commissions Planning

There’s a reason most late payments are rewarded with fines: cash is king, and companies need to know when they can expect to be paid. The longer a bill remains unaddressed, the higher the risk of nonpayment. In this post, we’ll discuss the main tool companies use to manage these delayed payments and mitigate potential…

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What is FinOps, and How Can Your Team Start Optimizing Today?

What is FinOps?

Everyone knows financial operations are an essential part of any successful business—but do they really get the attention they deserve? FinOps isn’t just another “back office” task that can be left alone—it’s a hands-on process that takes place across departments and plays a critical role in your company’s financial future. Here’s everything you need to…

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