Jeff Muir

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Jeff Muir

Investor & Board Member

Meet Jeff Muir

Jeff is a founder and partner of Fulcrum Equity Partners and is a co-founder and former Managing Partner of Chatham Capital, a mezzanine finance firm launched in 2001. He has managed over $350 million in capital and led or participated in 150 transactions, including public offerings, multi-party mergers and consolidation plays.

Prior to forming Fulcrum, Jeff was COO of OnTarget, the leading provider of consulting and training to large sales organizations worldwide, including IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Siemens, Deutsche Telecom, Nortel and BellSouth. He spearheaded the highly successful exit strategy for the owners, resulting in a merger with Siebel Systems in December 1999.

Jeff holds a B.A. and law degree from the University of Georgia, both with honors. Prior to law school, he served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, including a tour in the Middle East.