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Founded in 2012, the mobile app gained immediate traction in Australia, quickly becoming the leading mobile inspection app with hundreds of real estate businesses signing on in the first year. In December 2015, the HappyCo platform developed from a real-estate specific application into an operations solutions platform used by leading brands across multiple verticals.

What's HappyCo's experience with SaaSOptics?

"My favorite feature is the Salesforce V2 integration. Before SaaSOptics, I was having to manually update about 30 fields and it would take about 15 minutes per transaction. Now with SaaSOptics, that same process takes less than a minute.”


Founded in 2014, LaunchDarkly provides dev and ops teams a platform that allows them to innovate faster, reduce risk and break down the barriers between developer, product, marketing and sales.

What's LaunchDarkly's experience with SaaSOptics?

"I've got to say that the cohort net retention charts that come out of SaaSOptics have become a standard part of our story for investors. When I was able to produce that and show it to our CEO and Founder, laying the groundwork for our recent series C, she was thrilled, frankly, with what that could produce.”


Many B2B companies struggle to keep their contact data clean and useful. That’s why leading global brands improve their prospecting performance and sales conversion rates by using Synthio’s contact data management platform. Utilizing their data health analysis and self-service functionalities, companies can build, refresh, cleanse, and append customer data sets on the fly.

What's Synthio's experience with SaaSOptics?

"Setting up the Salesforce integration was a simple as the click of a when an order is processed in Salesforce, the data is pushed down to SaaSOptics by clicking the sync button. From there I can grab the necessary data and push it to Quickbooks with one more click."

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