Revenue Allocations

Take control of complex revenue recognition and maintain ASC-606 compliance

RevenueBooks is an advanced workflow in the SaaSOptics platform that allows users to re-allocate revenue across their contract population using flexible, fixed, and dynamic formulas.

saas revenue recognition

Step One

Tell us how you need to recognize revenue

Think of creating a revenue book as hitting, ‘save as,’ on your spreadsheet. With RevenueBooks, you’re able to save and apply a different variation of your revenue policy to each copy.

Each of those copies of your spreadsheet is populated automatically when processing your contracts and generating invoices.

You can maintain separate Standalone Selling Prices (SSP) to be applied in your revenue allocations separately from your explicit contract and invoice amounts giving you the ultimate flexibility.

saas revenue recognition
saas revenue recognition

Step Two

Apply your allocation rules to contracts

In RevenueBooks, you can create specific rules for specific types of customers, making it easy to customize the allocation rules to meet your business needs. 

From there, you can bulk-apply those rules across some or all of your contracts quickly generating historical revenues under proposed revenue recognition policies.

Step Three

Compare the old state to the new

Simply put, the RevenueBooks module offers you multiple ways of looking at the same data set simultaneously so you can understand how those changes will impact your business in each period with the click of a button.

saas revenue recognition

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