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Real Time Financial Insight for Everyone

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Built for B2B SaaS Businesses from Xero to Exit

SaaSOptics provides:

GAAP/IFRS-compliant revenue recognition without spreadsheets

Efficient invoice scheduling and highly customizable e-invoicing

Milestone-based revenue and invoice management not available in Xero

Out-of-the-box subscription metrics and analytics not available in Xero

Allows you to apply one payment to multiple invoices which is not available in Xero (when it syncs to Xero, it applies the payment as one payment per invoice as required by Xero)

Flexible and efficient accounts receivables and collections management

Allows you to reconcile your Stripe payments to your GL

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Web - SO Xero Integration

How SaaSOptics & Xero work together

Benefits of Integrating SaaSOptics with Xero

Pulling yourself out of spreadsheets and into SaaSOptics means you systemize your contract and revenue records, ensuring integrity in your most important financial data. SaaSOptics gives you accuracy across the board for all of your subscription records, and because invoices, financial reporting numbers and subscription metrics are generated in the application, you get alignment across your entire financial operations workflow.


Your New Single Source of Truth

Complete Subscription Managment

Xero Integration Workflow

Process Sales Orders in Seconds

When processing an order in SaaSOptics, revenue recognition schedules are automatically created.


Accurate and On-demand

There isn't a general ledger in the market built for subscription businesses.


Efficient and Timely

With our order processing automation, we make sure these happen on time, every time.


Automated Collection Procsses

Invoice creation, sent date, bounce info, paid date and amount, reminders, and suspensions are all automatically captured with timestamps. 


Financial Insight to Everyone

CRM users can see account data with MRR, ARR, total balance of accounts receivable, and open invoices with invoice and transaction details. Sales and services can now do it themselves.


Create New Reports in Seconds

React confidently to board inquiries in two clicks not two days. Access 100s of predefined, proven metrics and formulas.


Trusted GAAP/IFRS Reporting

Revenue, Deferred Revenue, Invoicing, AR - your complete revenue subledger. Instant, accurate financial reporting for investors, audits, banks, funding, M&A.

Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?

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